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21st  Concept is an interior design firm based in California. For the last 10 years, dozens of satisfied customers have enjoyed 21st Concepts' services, and will be happy to recommend us.  As a firm, we strongly believe in quality over quantity, choosing to work with those who understand the need for high-level, top of the line interior design.

We provide interior design for any existing space – offices, houses and apartments. Be it a massive renovation or restoration project, a small cosmetic touchup or even just a tidying up of a new space – we have the experience and the know-how to makes any existing structure into the house (Or office) of your dreams.

Not only for existing spaces, we also offer interior design for projects in the pre-building phase, where the default design is not sufficient to your needs. We can work with any contractor or architect in any phase of the construction – from the first draft to post –construction if needed. We offer services for all parts of the design process -this includes material selection, oversight, recommendations for specialists in any needed field, finding and supplying complimenting items such as furniture and decorations – all according to the needs and wishes of each individual client.

Interior design is not a luxury

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It is an integral part of making a house into a home, and an office into a work environment. Creating a flowing, functional living space, maximizing space to craft a creative working environment – those are the art forms that 21st Concept have mastered.



The first step is design. We start by designing the space while maximizing functionality and flow.

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Work-Order and Time-Table

The next step is creating a work-order which would include everything that needs to be done and a time-table for completion.

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Material Selection

Once everything is known, fine details need to be worked out: fixtures, tiling, flooring and other items need to be selected, hand in hand with the client.

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Renovating a house is no easy task

It requires skills, knowledge and experience. It is imperative to choose a professional interior design firm to do it; let us tell you why.

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